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So, have you paid any attention to the flash ads that are the real reason we’re all here? You know the ones… Throw the football through the tire for a free iPod! Win the race for a free laptop! Outswim the piranha for free trip to the moon!

Race the shark! Punch out Paris Hilton! Push the other glandular reject off the cliff first! Be the stripper to get the most money off the drunken shoe salesman! (well, in my world). Out-blow the blond! (this is real… I presume they mean blow-dry… aren’t they clever and naughty?)

But have you noticed the one with King George Dubya and Osama bin Laden? In all the other ads, as you (rightly) ignore them to do their thing in the background, they eventually announce YOU LOST in the kind of big, red letters I imagine drive football fans to click madly the next time “’cause no little fuckin’ ad is gonna get the best of me!”

However, in the race between your president (he sure as fuck isn’t mine) and bin Laden, if you sit and wait nothing happens. It just implores you to win the race. Since at least one of the participants in this race is a certifiable religious nutball with violent sociopathic tendencies (you tell me which), I guess the company who designed the ad decided it would be tasteless to have bin Laden win if the humble web surfer did nothing.

So, let’s see… making money indirectly from acts of terrorism? No problem. Suggesting, even in cartoon form, the forces of right and goodness in the persona of the Bush administration might be beaten by that same terrorist? Unthinkable.

Oh, wait who owns MySpace? Oh, yeah the same guy that owns Fox.

Whatcha think?

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