So much bitterness this week. Even for me. I haven’t posted anything in some time, largely due to being busy, but also because I’ve had so much bile clogging my throat at so many different times, I just don’t know where to start.

I guess the wise thing is to whittle it down into bite-sized chunks of invective, and just spew them over the course of the next week. And while I try to live by the axiom that every silver cloud has a poisonous black lining, there was one tiny bright spot during the week’s fucked-up activities… an enemy who has had mischief lingering in the back of his pointy, bloated little head for the longest time, finally tipped his hand.

I don’t mean to sound like a day player from Super-Friends, but this little shit has been a thorn in our (K&I) sides for months now, and the fact that he’s decided to make the move from irritant to combatant practically makes me giddy because now I get to crush the little shit.

But that raises the question of whether I should wreck him, or just let it go. I don’t really believe in Karma, mainly because, as with most spiritual beliefs it defies logic, and I’m a big fan of logic. My big thing is, will it be worth the time?

I’m not exactly a good-natured guy, and in general, I’m pretty content to let people go on about their stupid little lives as long as they’re willing to do the same for me. I have little sympathy and no empathy at all, so don’t mistake this for a moral quandary.

I don’t throw my weight around much in the porn business, but that simply means there’s more of it left to throw when I decided to let fly. Given the people I know, the dirty tricks I’m intimately acquainted with, and the strings I can pull when I want to, I’m really one of the worst people in porn to fuck around with.

But exacting revenge takes a lot of time and energy, especially if you want to do it properly, and I hate doing things half-assed. I could absolutely make this self-obsessed whiny bitchy rat-fuck scat-munching Torgo-lookin’ bastard wish he’d never left his little fantasy world of a life to play with the big boys, but I might have to forgo a few episodes of Battlestar Galactica to do it.

See, decades ago, I could have just driven to his apartment and beaten him ugly with a tire-iron. That kind of visceral satisfaction makes almost any inconvenience worth it. Sure, I would have had to spend a few nights in jail, and maybe had a misdemeanor assault charge, but that was no big deal.

Nowadays, I’d probably have to forfeit my entire life as I know it in legal fees, spend a year or two in jail, and at that stage, really, who’s the winner? Our modern, “civilized” world just fails to recognize that some folks simply need killin’. Or a serious fucking beating, at the least.

So, accepting as fact that I’m NOT going to get the fun of turning this guy’s head into a piñata or playing dodge-ball with his nuts, I don’t know if simply inflicting misery is worth the hassle. Not if you can’t witness it firsthand. Then again, winter is coming on, it gets awfully cold in our warehouse, and hate does keep you warm at night.

Such decisions…

Whatcha think?

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