I’m getting too old for this shit. We just finished shooting two movies for Vivid following the standard two-movies-in-three-days model that they make their normal bread-and-butter features under, and I’m wiped. We actually did fairly well, time-wise; it isn’t unusual on this kind of production to have three sixteen hour days back-to-back. We only had one, and that was plenty.

K & I spent today wandering around like mental patients who’ve just had their meds increased. We were absolutely useless. Apart from having a long phone conversation with Bo Kenney about next year’s production slate, and paying the handful of overdue bills we’ve got the sheckels to cover, the most I’ve been able to muster was enough energy to sit through about a half-dozen episodes of Family Guy.

I seem to get called by Vivid two or three times a year to shoot, and normally, it’s pretty painless. The resulting movies are generally nothing Earth-shattering, but as good as we can make them given the considerable restraints we’re working under. This last pair of movies was rough, though. I had to replace one performer — who had scenes on all three days — at the last minute due to a urinary tract infection (which worked out for the best because we got to meet the relatively new Regan Reese, who is delightful). I also had three contract girls to deal with, and believe me, justone is a handful. As it happened, I only had to juggle two since one of the three had her grandfather die on the first day of shooting.

Now, I’m not completely heartless. Okay, maybe I am, but if the girl’s 91-year-old grandfatheractually died, my heart goes out to her. Still, I’m a cynic, and it must be said that I wondered. When Kylie told Ginger Lynn the story, she summed it up by saying, “Oh my god… do you know how many times my grandfather died when I was in porn?”

My second contract girl was Kayden Kross, who is so new to the business she arrived with the tag stitched onto her butt that threatened federal prosecution if removed. Not only were we shooting Kayden’s first Vivid movie, we shot her first scene ever. Naturally, she was nervous, unsure, and self-conscious. We all did our best to make the experience as painless as possible, and I think she escaped with no emotional scars. She’s a sweet, good-natured girl who wants very much to succeed at this, and once she learns to relax about how her ass looks when shot from a certain angle (Kayden’s gorgeous), she’ll be just fine. We did go to great pains to warn her that we were all going to call her on her shit when she becomes a snotty diva, though. Which she, naturally, swore she would never do.

Which brings us to contract girl number three. Who shall remain nameless. Because Vivid might wish to hire me again someday, and since their checks are minty-fresh and go through the bank like crap through a goose, I would like to take that job when offered. Let’s just say that girl number three was… stress-inducing… If I leave you with the example that she arrived six hours late on the first day because she was getting a colonic, you’ll understand.

In other news, we got seventeen AVN nominations for Corruption! I suppose I should have started off with this, but, y’know, I’m a bitter fuck, and I just don’t know what to do with good news. Oh, did I mention… seventeen? Sure, yeah, Manhunters got 24, but I’m told Manhunters really sucks ass anyway. Actually, I’m told nothing of the sort, but I just couldn’t leave this topic without saying something nasty about somebody. I suppose I could insult Luke Ford some more, and take apart all the utterly erroneous shit he printed about Corruption being returned in droves by retailers because of the fisting (to date, not a single disc has been returned; some retailers have asked if they could  return it to exchange it for the regular XXX, no-fist edition, but none actually have), but writing about Luke is kind of like picking on the kid from high school who had Down’s syndrome, one leg shorter than the other, and his butt crack hanging out of his pants; sure, it’s fun, but it gets old after a while.

Oh, and speaking of Corruption… seventeen. I’ll post the full list in a few days, when I’m feeling more boastful. If I’m going to get all big-headed and arrogant, I wanna enjoy it. On that note, we’ve begun posting some of the rave reviews for the movie in the Corruption MySpace blog. In the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you that not all our reviews have been raves. Most have, but we’ve gotten three notable exceptions. Gram Ponante, who’s a close friend (which just goes to prove either his honesty or my complete lack of interest — or ability — in influencing reviews) hated the movie. I think he’s just jealous of my fabulous age makeup.

Roger T. Pipe from Rog Reviews gave us a quixotic review; he gave the overall movie a “B” on his grade scale, but the review reads like a “D.” He even says in the body of the review that he likes the movie more than it sounds like he does. Still, at the end of the review, he calls it a frontrunner for the movie of the year. Hrm.

Lastly, Den at CAVR absolutely loathes everything about the movie. But after several very pleasant e-mail exchanges, I think his objections are more sociological and political than anything else. I think it’s great that a porn movie can engender that kind of visceral response.

Apart from those three (who are obviously just misguided), everyone else has been shamelessly enthusiastic. You’ll be able to read their unedited enthusiasm on the Corruption blog over the next few weeks.

The last thing I want to discuss is kind of breathtaking. I found out about it Thursday night; the rest of the porn world found out Friday. Bo Kenney, the head of SexZ Pictures, has issued a standing offer to pay all legal fees for Paul Cambria (who is the heavyweight first amendment attorney in the adult biz) to defend any retailer or distributor who finds themselves at the business end of an obscenity prosecution for selling Corruption. I cannot overstate what a profoundly important thing this is for an adult company owner to do.

For those of you in the real world, Corruption has been causing some controversy in the adult community because we broke a lot of unwritten rules — conventions, really — with the script, the tone, and the sex. People have focused a lot on the fact that we have fisting in the movie, but it’s the overall mood of the show, I think, that’s setting people off. It feels very real, and very disturbing, and we worked really hard to achieve that. And it makes the status quo porn producers very uncomfortable for a lot of reasons too boring to get into here.

This kind of thing is very rarely an issue because the major companies never approach a movie as a work of art. To them, porn is always commerce first. Bo is the first company head I have ever met who was more interested in making the movie the way it should be made than in making a safe bet. In standing behind this movie in this manner, Bo has raised the bar of what can and should be expected from an adult producer, both in terms of content, and supporting the product. I think people will look back on this as a paradigm shift in the adult industry, and I’d be willing to bet that Paul Cambria — who feels that Corruption is essentially impossible to prosecute for obscenity — will be getting some very angry calls from his more status quo clients. I’m really honored that Bo is proud enough of this movie that he’s willing to put his wallet on the line to defend it if necessary.

So, in closing, let me just say that a sixteen-hour-day is too fuckin’ long, I’m really grateful to Bo, and contract girls kinda suck.

Oh, and seventeen

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