Ah, yes, it’s that time again. Time to venture off to America’s Ashtray for a week of sore feet, no sleep, ill-temper, overpriced medicore food, sloppy drunks smoking in elevators, and stretch pants filled to capacity with uncertified Omaha Beef.

Yeah, not a big fan of Las Vegas, me. Figured out years ago that the worst part of going to AEE is that it’s held in Vegas. Man I hate that town.

“Lookee there, Ethel, they got them an Eye-ful Tower. I read somewherez that it’s jus’ as good as the ones in Paris, France, only better ‘cuz it’s here in Americuh and you don’t gotta go to no god-damned France ta see it!”

This year K&I get the added bonus of trying to actually do business; meeting with investors and potential investors, discussing this year’s production slate with Bo from SexZ, making the requisite effort to be in three places at once since no one can seem to coordinate their party schedules…

Oh, and let’s not forget the added joy of getting Plutoed at the AVN awards. Gonna be a fun week.

Sure there are things I could be looking forward to this week, but it’s me, and homie don’t play that optimism shit, so get your own fuckin’ blog, and leave me to splash around in my wading pool of bitter.

On a side note, Kylie & I have done our first Podcast of the year which gives us the freedom of our KSEX show without all the annoying KSEX. It’s just like fat-free margarine!

Only as a Podcast.

That will be going up tomorrow through the magic of Webmaster. It’ll be available  as a video or audio-only Podcast, as a download, and as an iPod video, all absolutely free. You’ll also be able to watch it at kylieireland.com/podcast, or on Kylie’s MySpace page, or on YouTube, or on Revver.

So, y’know, everywhere. You’ll even be able to get it through iTunes. So watch, listen, entertain youself, and I’ll be bitter at you next week when we get home.

Whatcha think?

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