I’m supposed to be working on the script for Upload, my big summer show for SexZ at the moment, so it seems like a good time to blog since I haven’t posted one since, oh, 1887 or something. Plus, this saves me a general “catching up” e-mail to about two-dozen people I haven’t written to since at least 1886. You know who you are. Love ya, man. Or girl.

Whatever. Incidentally, if you forward this blog to at least 20 more people, you’ll receive wealth, fame, popularity, pleasant breath, a larger penis and/or breasts, lose weight, gain muscle and achieve Total Consciousness. So you’ll have that going for ya.

Life has been pretty damned… oh, fuck that. Insanely, crazily, psychotically busy since AEE. I’ve signed a deal to direct exclusively for SexZ Pictures (who else is gonna let me make movies likeCorruption?) and have taken over as their head of production, a post they’ve never really had manned before, so the “office” is a bit of a mess, if you take my meaning.

One of my first decisions was to hire David Aaron Clark to direct a feature for us from a spectacular script he’s been sitting on for a few years called Doll Parts. David’s a really amazing writer and director with a terrific eye and a very original sensibility, and everyone at SexZ is excited as hell about this movie. Details will come as we lock down cast, dates, etc.

We also got several XRCO nominations for Corruption which was a welcome surprise. I’ve always seen the XRCO as skewing towards fluffier fare, so it was extremely generous of them to nominate us. I guess we can officially refer to Corruption as an “epic” now since we got nominated in that category (I know, I know, “you made a four-fuckin-hour-long porn movie, asshole! How is that notepic?!?”)

K&I finally saw The Departed which I’ll talk about on another day. We also watched Idiocracy, which actually isn’t a documentary about the Bush administration. If you haven’t seen the movie (and most of you haven’t, hence the $12 it made in its theatrical release), it’s worth a spin. It certainly isn’t a work of brilliance, but it’s worth watching just for the fact that it probably represents a fairly accurate view of humanity’s future.

The movie follows Luke Wilson as he plays Luke Wilson, a completely average slacker who does a highly implausible Buck Rogers and ends up in a future where evolution has resulted in a human race so pathetically stupid that Luke is now by far the smartest man on the planet.

Like most things in life, it would be funny if it weren’t true. Sure, parts of the movie are worth a chuckle, but in an excruciating way. Kinda like that Ben Stiller seal-clubbing movie I’m sure is in development. Or that Will Ferrell movie where he plays the really dumb guy with overstressed hair, outrageous clothes and a lame accent being really successful at something he’s really bad at.

Oh, wait. That’s not a movie. That’s Will Ferrell’s life.

Lastly, speaking of bad comedy, I’m going to be profiled in an upcoming issue of Geekmagazine. No, really. And if that isn’t a straightline you can make something out of, I don’t know what is.

Whatcha think?

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