Oh, that wacky president Cheney… The enduring destruction he and his other oval office cronies have wrought through their hand-puppet George just isn’t enough. They’re going to push through war with Iran no matter what it takes.

Here’s the latest spin from the “if it weren’t so fucking dangerous it would be laughable” pile. This exchange is from Tim Russert’s show:

RUSSERT: First you threatened to take action if Iran built a nuclear weapon. Now you’re threatening to take action if Iran knows how to build a nuclear weapon. What’s next? You threaten to take action if Ahmadinejad dresses up as a nuclear weapon for Halloween?

CHENEY: Well, the difficulty here is, each time he has rejected what he was called upon to do by the international community. I’m not sure now, no matter what he says, that anyone would believe him. He’s pretending he doesn’t have W.M.D., just like Saddam.

RUSSERT: But Saddam didn’t have W.M.D.

CHENEY: He did, Tim.

RUSSERT: He did?

CHENEY: Ever wonder what happened to them?

RUSSERT: What happened to them?

CHENEY: Think about it, Tim.

So lemme get this straight: they’re now going to claim that yes, Saddam DID have WMD the entire time, we never lied about it, he spirited them off to Iran. His mortal enemy. Who we now need to attack to keep them from using them on us.

Hell, starting that third war might be just the ticket needed to put National Security Directive 51 into action. That’s the one that essentially makes the U.S. a dictatorship until further notice.

Are any of us going to survive the next year until we might be free of these cocksuckers?

Whatcha think?

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