K & I (along with Belial, Lexi Lamour, Ethan Cage and others) have been buried well past our enormous genitals (well, in my case, anyway… Lexi does not have enormous genitals) in helping out with the production aspects of my friend Ren Savant’s big Adam & Eve epic, The 8th Day.

As is common with these shows, it has eaten our lives and spit out rancid pips of broken bodies and spirits in its wake. I’ve also been doing the final renders on Hillary Scott: ICON, my big-budget all-sex paen to SexZ Pictures’ contract star which comes out in September. The movie turned out great, and I’ll be posting the music video we did for it shortly.

Today, while distracting K through a migraine, I stumbled upon a website called Uncyclopedia. It bills itself as “The content-free encyclopedia,” and it’s brilliant. Like Wikipedia, it is a random collection of bullshit articles that bear little or no resemblance to the actual facts of any person/place/thing/event, but in the case of Uncyclopedia, that’s the point.

Also, the articles on Uncyclopedia are extremely funny. And, since it’s built on a fully-functional wiki engine, if you don’t like the answers you find there, you can insert your own. Just like Wikipedia. I recommend strating with the article on Cheerios and going from there…

Oh, and I heard a great joke yesterday: “Sarah Palin!”

I’m pissing myself!

Whatcha think?

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