Okay, so it’s been a tough week. Poor me, right? I promise I’ll quit whining shortly. I’m giving myself the weekend to wallow in self-pity and self-loathing, and then Monday I have to snap out of it.

I promise a really vicious, snarky and (hopefully) entertaining blog first thing next week, so quit complaining, all y’all. In the meantime, I’ll let you folks vote on the subject matter. I’ve had rants brewing about a few different topics, so I’ll let you pick which one it is. Either e-mail me or post a comment to vote…

You can have

Why Violet Blue (the writer) is a total asshole.
The story of the bike-riding douchebag I almost ran down intentionally.
A grab-bag of thoughts about recent and upcoming movies and shows.
The Eli Cross career update (c’mon. Really?).
That political tirade I’ve been keeping stifled for months now.

Lemme know what you want. I live to serve… or serve to live… or something… (and ain’t that the fuckin’ dismal truth).

In the meantime, if anyone out there can score me an invite code for Demonoid, I’ll not only love ya forever, I’ll send you free porn.

Whatcha think?

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