“Bother,” said Pooh.

Well, pits.

So that’s it for Mischief, the 26-year-old Goth Biscuit.

I guess I’m starting in the middle of the story. For the record, this weekend had ups and downs. Let’s get the maudlin out of the way so we can end on a high note (for once). In addition to the money strains, the aforementioned knuckle-rapping for this very blog, and the inability to solve the truck problems from earlier in the week (fucking holidays), my friend Amber has been having a major relationship meltdown.

Which segues into Mischief.

Understand, I’ve known this girl for less than two weeks, ya’all. We’ve seen each other exactly four times. We haven’t fucked (for reasons she explained to me on our first date, having to do with a promise made to a long-distance conquest who was incoming in June), but we’ve indulged in just about everything else.

This weekend, in a whirlwind of (to my mind) wanton manipulation, her most recent ex, whom Mischief is far from even beginning to get over, appeared like a bolt of lightning from the clear blue sky to propose. And she’s going for it.

I know, that was my reaction. But you can’t live people’s lives for them.

I’m not crushed or heartbroken… four dates, y’know? But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed. She’s smart, funny, sexy & dirty. You can smell it on her, feel it in her skin. There was potential there, a big, heavy, potent aura of it that both of us were keenly aware of. It’s a shame, but I missed the train this time, and wish her good luck.

Vaya con huevos, kiddo. Go with eggs.

On the plus side, Adrianna & I went to see Prince of Persia on Saturday night, which was really, awfully, hysterically bad. Just soooooo bad.

I’ll get a full review up once Rob & I record our new podcast tomorrow night.

The point is spending time with Adrianna is fucking great. We ate, walked a little to kill time, prowled bookstores, almost missed the movie (what a crime that would have been). We had fun. But. I’m just not sure what the hell we’re doing. I’m not sure she’s sure.

Not that there necessarily has to be a point. We’ve known each other for years, so it might be that, for Adrianna, I’ve gotten wedged into the “friend” drawer next to the stripy socks. For my part, I want to lick the sweat out of her navel. I would drag my dick through a mile of broken glass just to jack off in her shadow.

Too much?

Of course, I’ve always felt that way about Adrianna. Most men — hell, most people — feel that way about her. She just oozes sexuality, even when she isn’t doing anything. Even when she dresses down and tries to hide it. Must be kind of a pain in the ass.

If she gives me an indication she feels anything similar, I’ll send up a flare, have it advertised on the side of the Goodyear Blimp, and print up T-shirts. Watch this space for details.

If not, I’m perfectly happy being her occasional partner-in-crime. She’s a great companion.

Otherwise, tomorrow is a busy day; errands to do in the morning since the entire country closed up shop over the weekend, a new podcast to shoot with Rob in the evening, and somewhere in there, editing before the whole Naughty America machine rolls up again Wednesday.

Maybe I can get to sleep before 5 a.m…?

In the meantime, here is a little gift Mischief turned me onto. A great song about relationships by British comedian Tim Minchin…

4 Responses to “Malum,” dixit Pu

  • Dyssonance says:

    Raps on knuckles always come from people who are fearful or ashamed.

    Fuck ’em.

    Then again, maybe not fuck ’em — lord knows what diseases they might have, being so fearful or ashamed. You just *know* that they aren’t even going anywhere near a doctor to talk about it.

    I find it interesting you got spanked, and then today I have someone threatening to sue me into oblivion unless I remove all mention of them on my blog.

    I say let them. For crying out loud, what are they gonna do — tell a judge I can’t speak the truth or my own opinion of them? That’ll go over like a lead balloon on Jupiter, if ya get my meaning.

    All crinkly, too.

    Broken glass, eh? Hmmm. Given *I* would do something akin to that for something totally different and very medical, I think I get the feeling :D

  • Freiherr Karza von Karnstein says:

    I am sorry to hear about Mischief. But you are quite right to point out that we cannot live people’s lives for them. This is especially true of the younger ones. They have a certain almost Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes-style cellular resistance to advice that they only grow out of through painful experience(s).

    I am also very sorry to hear about Ms. Rayne’s situation. She has the reputation of being not only a hard, dependable and reliable worker and team player, but also of being a loyal friend. She is one of those rare young people of whom it can be said “If I had a child, I would hope that child turns out like her.” But she also seems to be quite a strong and determined young lady, and this will help her.

    And, on a positive note, I am not at all surprised, but totally delighted to hear you confirm, that you and Ms. Nicole went prowling through bookstores. I knew that you were a bibliophile, a quality which is manifest in your writing. I have also heard Ms. Nicole speak in interviews and BTS segments, and what she said and the way she said it also indicates that she, like you and I, is a lover of books and bookstores.

    If it is not too much trouble, might I ask what you and Ms. Nicole were perusing, or considering purchasing, at the bookstore? You do have a refined taste in books (and in most things in general), hence my curiosity.

  • veterinary technician says:

    found your site on del.icio.us today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later

  • quilting says:

    Thats some great fundamentals there, already knew some of that, but you can always learn more. I doubt a “kid” could put together such information as dolphin278 suggested. Maybe he’s just trying to be “controversial? lol

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