Hey there, Mischief here.

By now, you might be wondering where Bryn has gone off to.  A safari in Africa, perhaps?  A month of back-packing across Europe?  Maybe a guided tour of southeast China?  So busy sleeping with a 26 year-old goth-biscuit, he just can’t find the time to pop in to let you all know where he is?

None of those are true (sadly).  What he has been doing is shopping around for that perfect RV.

You know, “Recreational Vehicle”.

See, after the carbon-dating results came back from the lab, Bryn realized he was way past the standard retirement age.  So he’s decided to spend the remainder of his diminishing twilight years touring the massive spread of America’s greatest RV parks.

One would think that this endeavor would not be so time-consuming, but he has been absolutely devoted to this goal.  After all, we are talking about his last few years on the planet, and he wants to be in the lap of fuel-guzzling luxury.

Anyway, while he’s away, I’ve been charged with the task of putting together a small blog to let you all know that he is still alive, still kicking (twitching, really), and full of the usual fire and Bryn-stone.

(Am I that lame?  Oh, yes, I totally am.)

(I still can’t believe I just did that.  We now need to have a moment of silence to mourn the passing of my writer’s dignity.)





(Christ.  OK, moving on.)

So, this weekend we are going to be strolling our way up to San Francisco to catch “Wicked” before it moves to the acoustically-dreaded Orange County Performing Arts Center.  I’m a little worried about Bryn’s prosthetic hip and the hills, but I’m sure with my youth and his… er.., yes, with my youth, we’ll make it through.  Worst case scenario, I’ll buy one of those little red wagons and drag him around like a hyperactive puppy.

A very hyperactive puppy.  Those hills are goddamned steep.

We’ll be back on Sunday for Bryn’s pool aerobics class, probably swing through Gilroy and feast ourselves on enough garlic to keep the both of us sated for the next couple days.  It should be a good time.

And Bryn will eventually be back, once he picks out his RV and gets the cats situated.  Just give him another week or two.

Though, with that hip, it might take a little longer…

Whatcha think?

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