Killing time in Houston before my little puddle jumper takes off for Mobile, I’m still dogged by a nagging anxiety about this job, a sense that I need to be home for some reason. That I’ve left something important undone.

But what, I can’t say. Whatever it is, it will have to wait.

The only victim of this bizarre unease has been my sleep, and Alice. I spent yesterday afternoon unintentionally irritating the shit out of her.

Frankly, I was irritating myself. I was loud, combative and obnoxious. I kept poking at Alice about things I knew she didn’t want to discuss. I think the only time I stopped talking all day was when we went to a movie.

It’s like I was my worst sixteen-year-old self again. I’m hoping that once the next leg of this trip is finished and I find Alabama right where I left it, I can return to my normal, bitter, derisive, lovable self.

Whatcha think?

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