There’s a thing on movie sets; it never changes, and it’s the same all around the world. The guys on the crew are trying to fuck every remotely attractive woman on the crew. Or the cast. Or both. From day one on, every woman who steps foot on set is discussed, debated, critiqued and flirted with mercilessly. It must be incredibly tiring.

I’m slightly less guilty than most in that stupid women, or vanilla women, no matter how attractive, are of no interest, even for a quick movie shoot fling. At my age, I’m all about quality over quantity.

You also have to understand that there are usually very few attractive women working on a set, at least behind the scenes. It’s just a fact. Our camera department has a couple of fairly interesting blondes (I have a weakness), but one is very immature emotionally, and angry about everything, and the other is… well… a Mormon. And, having gone to high school with tons of Mormons, I Just Can’t Go There.

We have three attractive-ish PAs… Lindsey is the most classically pretty, but has obviously never, ever had good sex in her life. She might even be a virgin (creeeeeepy). Grace, pictured below, is bright, but not particularly sexual, and has zero interest. Katy, the third PA, is cute, blonde, wants to come to LA and act. But she’s a good girl at heart, and very young, and I think I would A: scare the shit out of her, and B: break her heart.

More trouble than it’s worth, frankly.

However, two days ago, during the rain, I spotted a very attractive extra in the crowd. She’s a redhead (another weakness) with tattoos (very rare in Alabama) and piercings (ditto), and unlike 99% of the women I’ve seen since leaving L.A., she doesn’t have an ass the size of Kansas.

I pointed her out to Hollywood, and he declared her “an Alabama 9.” During the rain, I managed to peel her off from her mother, and we hit it off. Alabama 9 is extremely geeky, and, as I’ve discovered while texting with her over the last few days, a serious perv who watches a lot of hentai. And she might be moving to San Diego or L.A. at some point this year, which could be a good thing…?

We’re supposed to go out Sunday; dinner, movie, etc., except she’s nervous because she has a boyfriend. Strangely, I’m not nervous because she has a boyfriend… hmmm….


Whatcha think?

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