Daily Archives: May 7, 2012

  • As I trot off to work on this horrible film, I.must remind myself, at least it isn't a Bollywood musical. #
  • @shylarcobi @JayneS_ays too late… #
  • Waffle House still has the best hash browns on the planet. #
  • @christianxxx1 And certifiable. You forgot certifiable. #
  • Hey, ya'all, this is @JayneS_ays. I'm going out with her tonight. You guys should probably warn her off… #
  • @AdriannaNicole yup. Twins. I'm just a bundle of regret. #
  • There are times when I wish I had told her no. #
  • @Lia_Lor good girl. #
  • @Zoe_Voss your a pig like I'm a gazelle. #
  • @Penny_Pax God, I wish! #
  • @BurnettRM I seem to remember them doing a "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer" movie… I think it was called "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer." #
  • I never post video links, but this is awesome Video: http://t.co/UrPWjSiP #
  • @AidenStarr You win, because you've got awesome tits. And I win, because someday I'm gonna bang @Amber_Raynexxx in the ass. #
  • @thedylanryan You can get the Oscar Wilde quote tattooed on the other side of your ribcage… "I can resist everything except temptation." #
  • @Amber_Raynexxx God, let's hope. #
  • @LDerdiger I'll take that as a compliment. ;) #
  • Movies are dangerous. Photo: http://t.co/cR4DHCQ4 #
  • @JamesDeen I'm okay with that. #
  • I spend my day off taking shots like this: http://t.co/sYN2QfAU #
  • This one is for @JamesDeen Photo: http://t.co/wPyNFv6u #
  • @Zoe_Voss well, it's about the ONLY time you look innocent… #
  • @Zoe_Voss It's 'cuz you look so innocent when you sleep. #
  • @Amber_Raynexxx @GapeLover82 @amybrookexxx @AlysaGG That scene is absolutely amazing. #
  • @kylieireland "hope·less • [hohp-lis] • adj.; providing no hope; beyond optimism or hope." On the nose! And, yes, you did. #
  • Looking at steampunk images; ideas for a short I'm doing with @sethcardigan and the gang this summer. Gonna. Be. Awesome. #
  • @Lia_Lor Great. Mail me a stack. Or maybe FedEx. #
  • @kylieireland Eh, didn't seem to be much point. Onward and downward, right? #
  • @kylieireland someone is sitting at home bored this morning, I see… #
  • @Skin_Diamond just grabbin' a quick breakfast… #
  • It's better with a visual… Photo: http://t.co/854YiNkJ #
  • So, this week's catalog: 7 bruises, 2 cuts, 4 scrapes, 1 major burn, 2 blisters, and a hella bad attitude. #
  • @kylieireland I'll take two. #

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