Daily Archives: May 14, 2012

The irony of the Christian writer having this little girl dancing around this cross as if it were a Maypole, and singing “Ring Around the Rosie”  is so thick I can’t even begin to describe it…

  • My contrarian Mother’s Day tribute: Words I haven’t heard in far too long… http://t.co/GSl7oELx #
  • @JazyBerlin Yes. Yes I would. #
  • @dpiercexxx Okay, dude, if the "Snatch Ladder" doesn't haven't anything to do with pussy, I'm about to be SEVERELY disappointed in you. #
  • Only five days to the end of the Alabama Yellow Day Hostage Crisis! I've never been so excited to get out of a hotel room in my life! #
  • @ali_223 @dpiercexxx I dunno… I think that would be the "Slit Booster Chair"or something… #
  • @Gia_DiMarco We'll be the judges once you post the photo. #
  • @JazyBerlin @SoulShatteredK And some who don't do… ;) #
  • @JazyBerlin I get to flee the scene Friday. Counting down… #
  • @BirdmanDodd @CptGoodtimes Wait until you see @Penny_Pax as Batgirl in Axel's "Dark Knight XXX." Fucking. Amazing. #
  • I swear to Christ, I will never, ever, understand the Japanese… http://t.co/ymqDrFXK #
  • @leilani_leeane Denial. Works for me. #
  • I'm not a big fan of little mistakes. Good mistakes should be huge. In a few hours, I'm gonna make an EPIC mistake! Should be interesting. #
  • @sethcardigan I hate it when that happens! #
  • @MissLarkinLove This one is actually an epic, private mistake… #
  • Heading back to sleep. Hoping to have a dream like last night's, one that involves spit for lube and a rope around her neck… #

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