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  • This movie is like a dentist who never stops drilling… #
  • Where Fertility, Jesus & the Black Death Meet [Photo] http://t.co/O5rIXw5W #
  • Is it wrong that I want to bang the hell out of @infiltrateproxy and I haven't even met her? #
  • Ladies, who wants to meet me for a couple days in New Orleans when this movie is wrapped? #
  • @BurnettRM Lemme Google that for you, ya lazy ass: http://t.co/fbB70Vfg #
  • I am fucking tenacious. Just in case you were wondering. #
  • I cannot wait to get back to L.A. and off of this schedule that has me getting up when most of the people I care about are going to sleep. #
  • Texting is great for hooking up, and horrible for communicating. And, yes, I occasionally sit and re-read our texts, cuz I'm a retárde. #
  • Three days and counting… in 72 hours, I'll be on my plane back to MUTHAFUCKIN' LA! #

Represented here in this artist’s rendering … god, I hate this movie…


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Okay. Here are some things done on American soil in the name of Christianity. The Ku Klux Klan burned down black churches, raped women, murdered civil rights workers, murdered children and terrorized communities for over a century. The neo nazis all acted and continue to act in the name of white christian supremacy. The army of god fatally attacks abortion clinics and doctors across the country. The covenant, the sword and the arm of the lord targets local police and federal agents. The federal building in Oklahoma City. The attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan and the successful assassinations of Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, John Lennon, and Abraham Lincoln, all perpetrated by Christians. Miss Greer, we weren’t attacked by Muslims, we were attacked by sociopaths, and I for one would join you in protesting a community center for the criminally insane, but no one is suggesting building one. — WIll McAvoy (Jeff Daniels), The Newsroom