Daily Archives: May 19, 2012

I knew that I’d get like this again
That’s why I try to keep at bay
Be a hundred percent when I’m with you and then
A perfect heart’s length away

The stickler is you’ve played not one beat wrong
You never promised me anything
Even sat me down, warned me just how they fall
And I knew the odds were I’d never win

  • Brief stop in Houston, then home. #
  • To quote Sam Gamgee, "Well, I'm back." #
  • Just saw Kate Hudson picking up a relative at the airport. That beeyotch is too damned skinny. #
  • Just picked up my cat's ashes. Welcome home. #
  • "You look like a photograph of yourself taken from far, far away." — Ani DiFranco #
  • My friend Libby Letlow just recommended that I end it all. Seems like reasonable advice. #
  • @AdriannaNicole Don't think that was *quite* what she meant… #
  • @AdriannaNicole – Also, I didn't HAVE to end it with the silly girl from Alabama. Just had to take her at her word. #
  • @Amber_Raynexxx @AdriannaNicole So am I! Geez… #
  • So, everyone pretty much agrees it's my own fault. #
  • @Amber_Raynexxx @AshlynnLeighXXX That's very, very sad… #
  • @shylarcobi Yup. That's me to a T. #
  • @DianaPrinceXXX Whoof. You're gonna be a lone voice in the wilderness on that one, gorgeous. Bad movie! No donut! #
  • @DianaPrinceXXX How old do you think I am? ;) No, I just thought it was an unfunny, rambling, badly-assembled mess. #
  • @DianaPrinceXXX Unless not liking the movie is going to keep you from having sex with me, in which case it was EPIC! #
  • @Amber_Raynexxx That you're going to "Newsies…" #
  • @Amber_Raynexxx This is me taking your word for it… #
  • @shylarcobi And that's Mr. Bitter Grandpa Emo to you. #
  • @SusanneEhrlich welcome to the party, Susie Mid-America! #
  • The best part of coming home was seeing you… #

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