Daily Archives: May 26, 2012

  • All right… well, the world ain't gonna dominate itself… #
  • Obviously this is going to be one of those days when I'm distracted by my head being in the gutter… 'cuz, y'know, THAT'S rare… #
  • @Skin_Diamond Wait a minute! I haven't tweeted at you in days! #
  • I see my friends so rarely, I'm thinking of changing my headshot to a milk carton. #
  • Is there a service I can hire to come haul away all this clutter in my head? I don't need all this shit… #
  • @KleioValentien More Twitter followers? Done! #
  • I think I've reached my maximum number of irrationally positive aphorisms for the day. #
  • That small, unexpected bit of good look has me really nervous… I'm waitin' for the other shoe… #
  • @DianaPrinceXXX @HalSparks You wrap it around your head, obviously, because if you can't see it, it can't see you. #
  • Watching "High Fidelity" while building my office. That should tell you where my head is. #
  • @pariskennedy Yeah, well, that's kinda the point, right? ;) Happy birthday again, BTW… #
  • @DianaPrinceXXX @TomD31 That's because it's based on "The Dark Knight Returns" miniseries. #
  • @DianaPrinceXXX you blow me away. You. Are. Awesome. #
  • If I were a Care Bear I'd be I Don't Care Bear. #
  • @pariskennedy Actually, it was a GREAT idea… this time, I'm not that guy. #
  • @DianaPrinceXXX I'll come up with a retarded green toga if you wanna try this one: http://t.co/M6Byl9eh #
  • @MoxxieMaddron Try this: http://t.co/crYMoM1w #
  • @JoannaAngel @Woody11X Great ass. You forgot GREAT ASS! #
  • @Caroline_Pierce You REALLY need to come play Magic with us next time you're down. #
  • @Princess_DonnaD that has to be one of the finest straight lines ever. #
  • @AidenStarr Well, it isn't me, so I wanna know! #
  • @kylieireland Do your homework! #
  • @AidenStarr I'm available, and I'm told I'm pretty good at it. #
  • @AidenStarr Well, good god, don't keep something like that to yourself! Spread the word, woman! #
  • @PMarizzle That's funny… I keep thinking the same thing about you… ;) #
  • "If you want to fuck painted whores, fuck painted whores." – Cersei Lannister, best mother EVER. #GameOfThrones #
  • Hey, @HollywoodHeard, I'm watching "Game of Thrones," and it's so odd… when the camera changes angles, the key doesn't flip… hmmm… #
  • @Caroline_Pierce you just let me know when you're coming, and I'll set it up. I won't even ogle your ass when we play… ;) #
  • Some people describe their seduction techniques as smooth or winning or money; I prefer to think of mine as "Apex Predator." #
  • @AriaAspen Should've known you'd like that… ;) #
  • @JoannaAngel Would certainly work on me… ;) #
  • @MissLarkinLove is it Monday yet? #
  • "Game of Thrones" is almost like porn, I'm such a sucker for blondes and redheads… #
  • @scarlettfay101 fuckin' hottie. #
  • @scarlettfay101 Yeah… DMing you and not gettin' an answer… ;) #
  • @scarlettfay101 Weird… I didn't get your response… I stand corrected… ;) #
  • @scarlettfay101 Just sent you another… #

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