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  • If there's truth to "no rest for the wicked," well… I've been going since 6:30 this morning… draw your own conclusions. #
  • The weather is strange in here. #
  • Can someone come be me for a few days so I can spend some time away from you? #
  • My evening just opened up. I'm goin' to the movies, dammit. #
  • @MarkWoodXXX Good plan. That's my evening tomorrow. #
  • @ryandriller Caught! #
  • Star Wars Gotye parody.. . Absolutely. Fucking. Brilliant. Thanks @pariskennedy #
  • @thebonnierotten Dude, let me know next time! I'm so in! And so bad! #
  • "Oh God, why did she have to happen? Just when I was doing so well without her." – Hunter S. Thompson — The… #
  • Laid down to go to bed and my brain instantly clicked on. Eh, sleep is for the weak, anyway… #
  • @PJSLA Brave. I liked it. Big surprise there. #
  • Trying again. To be awoken by a bad dream in 10… 9… 8… #

“Oh God, why did she have to happen? Just when I was doing so well without her.”
Hunter S. Thompson
— The Rum Diary

  • It's emotional tech support day in Lawndale. I get to test the resilience of my ass as I spend the day sitting. #
  • @BaileyBlueXXX Great shooting you this week, gorgeous. Thanks for being so patient. #
  • It looks like I simply need to adjust to being older than the parents of most of the girls I fuck. #
  • @Televixen you're about 5 years behind me, then. #
  • @shylarcobi When I grow up, I will. #
  • @thebonnierotten If there's any truth to reincarnation (doubtful), some people were cattle in a former life. Others are cattle in this one. #
  • @MissLarkinLove call an L.A. friend with amazing skill at finding cool places… ;) #
  • @MissLarkinLove ;) #
  • Sometimes this job just requires a naked @TommyPistol in your lap. #PornIsHard #
  • The verdict is in; my ass is too flat for these chairs. #
  • @shylarcobi @TommyPistol I forgot about that one. I'm starting to wonder about us… #
  • @Televixen @kylieireland I was too polite to say it myself. #
  • @sethcardigan @shylarcobi @zoeyfoxx Wow, I don't know… Johnni was pretty awesome… #
  • Keeping a brutally honest private journal on your blog is great as long as you KEEP the posts private. I almost forgot. That would be …bad #
  • @DVDGeeks @kylieireland @Televixen I'm sad that the cheese will never bevthe same. #
  • For the love of humanity, someone shut me up. #
  • Self-introspection is a game for the young. #
  • @leilani_leeane you asked the wrong guy. #
  • I've made a lot of poor choices in the last six hours. Old dog, old tricks. #
  • I love heading off to work having breakfasted on incredibly bad dreams #WrongSide #
  • @thebonnierotten I didn't know you were Armenian… ;) #
  • @PJSLA fixed. #
  • @thebonnierotten Really… did you find something interesting in the mail afterwards? #
  • In order to get @brooklynleexxx's POV, I just got mounted by a naked @tommypistol… I will never be clean enough. #
  • That was kind of a long day. Falling on my face in 5… 4… 3… #

Sometimes this job just requires a naked @TommyPistol in your lap. #PornIsHard


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