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“After a time, you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing, after all, as wanting. It is not logical, but it is often true.”
— Spock
Amok Time
Star Trek: TOS

Your thought for the day.

  • I'm sore as hell. #
  • @brianstreetteam not RAW, ya knucklehead… sore… as in my butt and thighs hurt. #
  • @brianstreetteam You were right about the cause, just wrong about the malady. #
  • @lifeofeva Awww! I should have you stuffed. You're the only one of your kind! #
  • Time to put on my "shit to do" face. #
  • @lifeofeva We should really have lunch and catch up. #
  • @AdriannaNicole Maybe that's what it was… I just woke up with a bump on my head and my wallet missing. #
  • I always wanted to be a filmmaker… I think instead, I'm going to become a Bond villain. I just need a physical deformity. #
  • Problem with Bond villainy is you die horribly. But you get to issue great threats and bang hot chicks… Maybe I AM a Bond villain… #
  • "No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to DIE!" …just practicing. Feels good. #
  • @pariskennedy Go say hello. I've worked with him. He's a VERY sweet guy. #
  • Your thought for the day. http://t.co/bgbskMBU #
  • @Televixen I would look. #
  • What people fail to realize about pessimists is that we're more hopeful than optimists. We just take having our hopes crushed personally. #
  • Every pessimist secretly aspires to be wrong. We're tragically full of hope. #
  • @DianaPrinceXXX Well, I'll have to personally inspect them before they get full approval… ;) #
  • @vanstyles @Skin_Diamond Beautiful work. #
  • @Skin_Diamond Fuck that! If someone asks "What are you?" just answer "unimpressed." #
  • @Lia_Lor You should probably quit while you're ahead… and nearly naked. #
  • I wish I were half as clever as some people think I am. #
  • @beretta_james Just saw your BGB. Crazy hot. Can't wait to shoot you in something. #
  • @sethcardigan Happy birthday. It's all downhill from here… but it's a lovely ride #
  • @CiciRhodes have you ever read the sequel? #
  • @lexiswallow Nice! We used to have a place in AZ called The Drunk Tank. Truth in advertising. #
  • @sethcardigan been working for me for the last 20 years. #
  • @CiciRhodes that's actually the "sequel." It's the last few chapters. "Return to the Château." #

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