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  • @DisguyJuno @BurnettRM I think he's dead-on with a lot of this. It's obvious that the movie is a huge religious allegory. #
  • @BurnettRM @DisguyJuno I'm sorry, but it.makes perfect sense. You just have to pay attention. #
  • @BurnettRM @DisguyJuno I'm not saying it's a good movie, but The Engineers weren't the problem. #
  • I really hate being the one to give people I love bad news. It always feels like my fault. #
  • @MelodyJordanxxx Nice. I'll take 2. #
  • @JamesDeen this guy has some important advice for you: http://t.co/ujdwrGaN #
  • Aaaaand the follow-up: Where's your interview, @JamesDeen? http://t.co/kQXSEnEB #
  • @dannywylde No. No it is not. #
  • @dannywylde I know. I had it. It was mildly diverting, but no competition for the film. #
  • As promised; my "Prometheus" review: http://t.co/nDT2XsQw #EntropyTango #
  • One more time, my "Prometheus" review Oh, MAJOR SPOILERS: http://t.co/nDT2XsQw #EntropyTango #
  • Now, I'm off to shoot some gangfrape (fake gangrape) — or, rather, some "energetic group romance" — In BFE. No cell signal. Night ya'll. #
  • @remylacroixxx Heh. If a girl asked me that it would take 15 pictures. #
  • @VerucaJames you are fucking hysterical. #
  • @Televixen I disagree. It doesn't defy logic. Just isn't that interesting. #
  • @MelodyJordanxxx we're perfect for each other. Just sayin'. #
  • @Televixen This will take a few responses, so be patient… #
  • @Televixen A: It's a moon, not a planet. Finding something that size simply by looking, and by following the Nazca lines on the surface… #
  • @Televixen seems plausible. The surgery shouldn't have been fantastically traumatic based on the tools used, and human history is FILLED… #
  • @Televixen with people who have suffered much worse injuries and performed much greater feats under extreme stress. Caesar had a legion… #
  • @Televixen commander who fought for three days with a spear through his abdomen and killed several men in different battles before he died. #
  • @Televixen As for breathing the air, the drones were scanning for contaminants. And, if you read my review, I believe the actual subtext… #
  • @Televixen of the entire film is that each character — Engineers included — suffers from their own hubris. Are these things… #
  • @Televixen questionable plot contrivances? Yes. Illogical? No. Not at all. It's not a great movie, but it DOES make sense. #
  • @Televixen It's different goo on the planet. And I got the impression they were anthropologists. #
  • @Televixen And, yes, they are reckless. Again, the story is about hubris. #
  • @Televixen Look, go read this http://t.co/K9wGdVXu then we can have this discussion. #
  • I'm currently trying to remember what it was that drew me in. #
  • @Skin_Diamond night, gorgeous. #

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