• @scarlettfay101 Morning! #
  • Dreamt I was on set all night. Now I feel like we just wrapped. At least I have the day off. #
  • @michaeljnelson I went to high school with Merry Christmas and her brother Happy. #
  • @ChastityLynnxxx Is that spit, cum or pee? (I'm obviously hoping the latter because I'm a bad man.) #
  • Trying to decide which thing to work on. Having few days off makes the decisions a lot harder. #
  • @leilani_leeane Welcome to Leilani's Kindle cave & Hulu emporium. #
  • @leilani_leeane Damn. I forgot Hitachi dock. #
  • @scarlettfay101 Actually, they usually kinda are. #
  • @leilani_leeane Such a softie. #
  • Wow… this fucking headache brought power tools. #
  • It might be time to attempt trepanning. #
  • @brooklynleexxx I feel the same way about intimacy. #
  • "Mournful. She has mournful tits. They're like two suicide notes stuffed in a bra." – Brock Samson #
  • @leilani_leeane Well, it is just a different kind of riding… #
  • @dannywylde Wrong! You frequently remind me that I actually can respect someone with completely different taste and artistic sensibility. #
  • One reminder before bed; check out my blog: http://t.co/Oo9lYMvi #

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