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I spend the majority of my day either pretending that I don’t care, or pretending that I do.”

Here’s another sketch for Cowboys & Engines I finished up last night. This is the Myrmidon, a reanimated dead soldier planted in a steel housing on tank treads.

Mischief decreed it “looks like the Terminator fucked a tractor.” I highly approve.

  • “The days you find yourself standing outside your own life peering in are the days it's helpful not to …” #
  • @leilani_leeane If you're on your way to AZ, that's PRECISELY what it is. #
  • It's the overwhelming sense of dread that really tells you where you stand. #
  • @thejessicadrake Just do what everyone else does and focus on your phone. #
  • We just finished our little informal shoot with a discussion of broken people. It felt odd being the only truly broken person in the room. #
  • Currently wandering around my loft putting the place back together after shooting, singing sad Tom Waits songs to myself. #SadInAWayReally #
  • Your Thought For the Day (a little late): #
  • I wish my fucking life had chapter stops. #
  • @Amber_Raynexxx Check your e-mail. #

Your Thought For the Day

The days you find yourself standing outside your own life peering in are the days it’s helpful not to look.”

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When suicide is out of fashion we conclude that none but madmen destroy themselves; and all the efforts of courage appear chimerical to dastardly minds … Nevertheless, how many instances are there, well attested, of men, in every other respect perfectly discreet, who, without remorse, rage, or despair, have quitted life for no other reason than because it was a burden to them, and have died with more composure than they lived? — David Hume, Essays on Suicide and the Immortality of the Soul