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Had lunch with this guy today…

Your Thought For the Day.

  • Today-Lunch meeting, @kylieireland & @theandyappleton's gallery show later and violent buttsex with a filthy whore tonight. #RightKindOfBusy #
  • Anime Expo is like AEE for pedophiles with an Asian fetish. #
  • @PrincessDonna @JamesDeen I think getting Donna'd would be getting fucked violently into submission. Preferably in front of a crowd. #
  • And the verb form isn't "Donnaing" it's "To Donna." e.g. "We're gonna Donna the fuck outta this whore." #
  • Photo: I’d like to think the bandage was from getting eye-gouged and skull-fucked. http://t.co/8As6NBS7 #
  • Unlike ComicCon, Anime Expo has a lot of women who look good running around half-naked. Unfortunately, a lot of them turn out to be guys. #
  • @PrincessDonna I'm about to Donna a girl myself tonight. Well, minus the crowd. I.plan on phrasing it that way as well… ;) #
  • @vividmom Congrats! He'll be the only graduate on our set! (I didn't finish my final year) #
  • @ChastityLynnxxx I completely agree. #
  • @thejessicadrake Sideboob is ALWAYS okay. #
  • Rope. Hitachi. Speculum. Gloves. Cane. Plug. Knife. It's amazing the level of depravity one can attain with a few simple tools. #

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