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Her (Florida 10): “You don’t look very mean in that picture.”

Me: “Really? Is it the Spider-Man T-shirt?”

F10: “No. Maybe it’s because you look like my English teacher.”


“We all pay for life with death, so everything in between should be free.”

— Bill Hicks

  • @BaileyBlueXXX Yaaaawwwwn #
  • @BaileyBlueXXX Stephen Jay Gould is fucking AWESOME. Try some Richard Dawkins, too. #
  • @BaileyBlueXXX I can also recommend some great smut that's actually *dirty*. #
  • @JoannaAngel Because you are awesome. #
  • @BaileyBlueXXX I like to recommend "Meeting the Master," by Elissa Wald, or any of the "Best Erotica" collections edited by @TristanTaormino #
  • Olvera street has just enough history to make me sad L.A. has no history. #
  • Eventually, I disappoint everyone. #
  • @kimberlykane that's because you've never had to depend on me for anything. #
  • Got hauled out to a surprise group dinner; had an awesome time. #
  • Back home after hanging out with a bunch of DTLA perverati… Gonna put in a few more hours of work before bed. #
  • Watching Galactica again while I work in my office. Almost forgot how much I wanna fuck @kateesackhoff. #
  • @pariskennedy I love you all over again. #

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