Daily Archives: July 11, 2012

  • @christianxxx1 Ouch! That bad? #
  • @joykinga Just angry you were gone. It'll pass… I mean, uh… #
  • @j_l_r @TristanTaormino I would absolutely be Slytherin… I think an argument could be made that T would be Ravenclaw… #
  • Ya gotta love the south. I got a ticket in Mississippi for going 93. And it's late. This would cost $1,875 here. WITH the late fee? $225. #
  • Fuck her like you stole her. #
  • Your Thought For the Day. http://t.co/5csjTfSu #
  • Check my latest blog post for a little excitement and a LOT of drama. http://t.co/HR70KnjV http://t.co/L5292OVM #
  • @LeonaLeexxx Speeding ticket. 93 MPH in a zone posted at 70. I wasn't even listening to the Beatles when it happened… ;( #
  • You say a Twi-tard got killed crossing the street during her days-long campout to see the ComicCon show of "Breaking Dawn?" I say Darwinism. #
  • Hey this sounds like fun! Let's drop $160 on ComicCon badges, then spend the ENTIRE CON in line for a movie we can see a week later for $12. #
  • @jaydenblue1 anything I can do to get a hot girl to say "I got my fill" makes me happy. #
  • @DaneCross the last Twilight movie. The fat chicks have been in line for days already. #
  • Dear fellow geeks: the reason we are so frequently ridiculed in the mainstream press is because we are frequently RIDICULOUS FUCKING RETARDS #
  • @AriaAspen true. We should have lunch. Catch up. I'm sure you have a lot to tell… ;) #
  • @MissLarkinLove I can think of several. We should talk… #
  • @sethcardigan Looking through the list, I beg to differ. #
  • I like getting skinny. It makes my dick look bigger. #
  • @jaydenblue1 If I showed you, you'd only be disappointed. ;) #
  • @jaydenblue1 I'm sure we can arrange that. #

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