• Someone forgot to set their alarm. And I'm sooooo glad. #
  • @NickiHunter You are WAY hotter than Mera! #
  • If I could think of a costume – other than Rusty Venture – I could pull off, I would wear it to Comic-Con. #
  • @Caroline_Pierce I could handle that. #
  • Okay, THAT was an interesting offer… #
  • @ChastityLynnxxx You are truly awesome. #
  • @ChastityLynnxxx just my way of saying I'm a little jealous… ;) #
  • Her: I want you to fuck my ass, shove a huge butt plug in me, go see 'Savages,' then, come back to my place and do it again. Me: On my way. #
  • @gramponante Ouch! #
  • Comic-Con: Burning Man for people who read. (I was gonna say, "who bathe," but… well…) #
  • @MsAmberPeach It's a shame you aren't here. I'm sure we could make an evening of it… ;) #
  • @XxxBrendon I have hollow points if you'd like to borrow one. #
  • @MsAmberPeach That's a compromise I'd be happy to make. #
  • @XxxBrendon anything for you. #
  • @shylarcobi books. People who read books. #

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