Daily Archives: July 18, 2012

  • @MikeMoz That's just called survival. #
  • @Zoe_Voss I was thinking something COMPLETELY different. I'm sure I'm not alone. #
  • @thebonnierotten #1 Jesus Camp. All others pale in comparison. #
  • @Zoe_Voss guilty. #
  • @carlcunningham @ZackSnyder @collectsideshow That's kind of like asking a blind chimpanzee to approve a statue of one of his turds. #
  • Your Thought For the Day http://t.co/h3RY60uC #
  • "If all else fails, immortality can always be assured by spectacular error." – John Kenneth Galbraith http://t.co/42FpfZR4 #
  • Is it wrong that I'm already excited for the blu-ray Dark Knight Trilogy box set that hasn't even been announced yet? #
  • @Televixen Done! #
  • @Zoe_Voss I keep thinking that myself. Somehow, I doubt we're talking about the same thing. #
  • @jmdarling Baker. Only option. #
  • @MsAmberPeach only the ones that are good in bed… or is it the other way 'round? #
  • @thejessicadrake Strangely, I'm not. Got it the first time. #
  • Guess it's that time. I'm sure more irrelevance will follow tomorrow. #

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