Daily Archives: July 29, 2012

Because sitting around alone at my desk working on a Sunday afternoon leads to a lot of introspection. Which usually leads to me feeling like shit.

I know, I know; it’s just the MCWBT.


Your Thought For the Day

  • Just about to fall back asleep when I cracked a HUGE FX problem for a character in our short. Now I'm excited. And awake again. #Yay #Fuck #
  • @shylarcobi And don't think I don't appreciate it! #
  • It's been a long time since I wrote dialogue for @kylieireland. Now, making her sound like Dolph Lundgren is the real trick… #
  • @brooklynleexxx Okay… but you won't like it… #
  • Brand new blog post… proves without doubt that I can't draw: http://t.co/akk8XYWU #
  • @kylieireland I won't be there, so I can't vouch for who you might kill offscreen. Onscreen, you're all talk. And short. #
  • @Amber_Raynexxx I'll let you do that one… ;) #
  • @kylieireland Cue maniacal cackle! HAAAAAHAhahaHAhaHaHa!!! #
  • @kylieireland I was never caught this time… and damned glad of it. #
  • @nateliquor three @JamesDeen-style people, or three normal humans? #
  • Girls, if the biggest thing you can stick in your butt is a vibrator the size of my thumb, here's a clue: You DON'T DO ANAL! #
  • @MelodyJordanxxx Yes. Yes I would. #
  • @BaileyBlueXXX Thanks. That was a nice addition to the day… ;) #
  • @BaileyBlueXXX Well, I know better that to suggest dinner, so whenever you like… ;p #
  • No, she's not a Picasso. If she was a Picasso, she'd have three tits.: http://t.co/akk8XYWU #
  • @NickiHunter I'm gonna barf just thinking about it. #
  • I'm so used to hanging out with girls in their 20s I now look at couples who are the same age and think, "That's weird." #SadInAWayReally #
  • @MissLarkinLove So true ;) #
  • It's been more fun than humans should be allowed to have, but I'm going to see if I can sleep, if people and things can stay out of my head. #

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