Daily Archives: August 2, 2012

  • I must have walked a thousand miles with her in my dream last night. #
  • @PhoenixAskani You're pretty funny yourself, sexy ass. And I love the stills you did with @hausofse7en #
  • Man, my language center is apparently still fast asleep. "What's that word? …accordion? …caterpillar? …cantilever?… …ARTICULATED!" #
  • @Hailey_Morgan Fuckin' awesome. You should come out to the other coast and let some of us "pros" have a crack at shooting your crack. #
  • @PhoenixAskani I was about to say something obnoxious like "You should see it between your thighs," but thankfully my restraint kicked in. #
  • @cherrytorn Hey there, can you please e-mail me at elicrossx@gmail.com? I'm working on a huge Vivid project I wanna discuss with you. #
  • I know for a fact @kylieireland is gonna be WAY more excited than you would imagine about this website: https://t.co/hgWqTsI6 #
  • @pariskennedy I'm in! I'm coming dressed as a creepy old pervert! #
  • @pariskennedy I was thinking razorblade condoms! #
  • My sense of proportion is completely out of proportion. #
  • Well, this is becoming a hectic clusterfuck of a day. #
  • @BurnettRM great! Where & when? #
  • @BurnettRM When you figure it out let me know. #
  • Sitting here, I realized I have a total of two people on Earth I ever discuss anything not work-related with. Man, I need friends… #
  • @Charlie_Frown Buenos, tard√©! #
  • Hemingway wasn't always a genius, but in the end, he got it exactly right. #
  • @ChastityLynnxxx You. Are. Awesome. #
  • I think I have emotional glaucoma. S'just gettin' darker & fuzzier… heh… #
  • @ChastityLynnxxx I'm available ;) #
  • After seeing the new SKYFALL trailers I am ALMOST as excited as @BurnettRM to see it. #
  • I don't know why I bother. I reallllly need to sack up. #

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