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  • @MelodyJordanxxx @LizzyBorden6 So true. So very true. #
  • Heading to set for a little indy I booked from a really shitty audition. Guess I don't have to worry they won't like my performance. #
  • And on that note, enjoy the hot, bitter taste and cinnamon smell of this new blog post from yesterday: http://t.co/uDVW5NM6 #
  • This is like shooting for me when I was 22. #
  • @LizzyBorden6 @LacieJames You two make me wanna throw up in my mouth a little… ;) #
  • @tialing76 So wait, do you live in Cleveland? #
  • Your Thought For the Day http://t.co/cYhey4et #
  • I cannot fucking believe Tony Scott committed suicide. If I can fuckin' keep it together… #
  • @tialing76 That's craziness. You must be the single hottest chick in the entire state of Ohio. #
  • @MelodyJordanxxx Those are awesome. Be lyin' if I said I didn't save a couple… ;) #
  • @BurnettRM Dude, honestly… are you not in complete shock? I am. #
  • @Amber_Raynexxx He jumped off a bridge in San Pedro. Left a suicide note in his car. #
  • @BaileyBlueXXX What? Craziness! You need to set aside your entire next week to catch up. Best thing ever made for television. #
  • @LizzyBorden6 You don't need a compass, silly ass. You need a pad, a pen, and maybe a mirror. #
  • @DisguyJuno Okay, even in the midst of tragedy, that's pretty goddamned funny. #
  • @SophiaMounds Yeah… I've had some… experience with that myself. #
  • It's a testament to the random injustice of the universe that Tony Scott committed suicide. And Brett Ratner didn't. #
  • @JodiTaylorxxx Look, you, you're super cute and very smart, but the next time we meet, I'm gonna pop you in the mouth for that. #
  • @JodiTaylorxxx And, by the way, it's a crime for a girl with an ass like yours to not do anal. Particularly with me. ;) #
  • @MelodyJordanxxx @JodiTaylorxxx Excellent! I stand corrected. #
  • @BurnettRM Yeah. Good pick. #

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