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Your Thought for the Day

Today, I feel like a badly-cooked steak; hard, tasteless & unappetizing on the outside, cold and raw in the middle.”

  • Saw a lot of great actors yesterday. Now I have to figure out how the fuck to fit them together… #
  • @Skin_Diamond @FuhQ Fucking awesome! Want! #
  • Can't help it… don't wanna shoot today… #
  • When people tell me I'm too negative, I explain that I'm actually a very hopeful person. For example, I hope that they die. Slowly. #
  • Spending the day stalking and abducting a hot blonde… Yeah, yeah, yeah except today it's my job. #
  • @LacieJames I'm available. Not sure we have the same definition of "cuddle" though. #
  • I can't tell you how much fun it is shooting a movie you know is going to be in theaters. #
  • @LacieJames excellent! I'll bring the lube! (Unless you're a spit girl, which is awesome!) #
  • @jackystjames Just wanted to tell ya, you do great work. Like you didn't know that. #
  • @jackystjames obviously, that extends to Mr. Powell as well… ;) #
  • Incredibly excited to announce the "Cowboys & Engines" cast. Such an amazing slate of actors. #
  • @BurnettRM Are you kidding? If THAT'S your measure of shelf-life, the answer is "until the next vampire series comes out." So three weeks. #
  • Perpetually disappointed. #
  • @HollywoodHeard Yeah. I was. #
  • If I were one to take bad dreams and feelings of dread as omens, I wouldn't even leave the house today. #
  • Who do I have to kill to make BofA actually GIVE me my money? #
  • There's nothing more distracting than suddenly wondering if the actress you're reading is actually female in the midst of her audition. #
  • @BofA_Help Yeah. You're going to "help" the computer make my funds available from a check that's already cleared the other bank. #
  • @ChanelPreston fan. Tastic. #
  • I'm gonna be in San Francisco for one night, and I have a hot date. I feel like a sailor. #
  • @BurnettRM Are you gonna make opening night in London? #
  • @Hailey_Morgan heh. You just have a nautical fetish. #
  • @BurnettRM I'm jealous. And I'm home and already back at work. #
  • @BurnettRM You going to Spain as well? #
  • @Hailey_Morgan just the way I like my women. #

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