Daily Archives: September 2, 2012

  • @shylarcobi even though you're in the wilds of Burning Man, happy birthday! #
  • I miss Saturday morning cartoons. #
  • @kenbrodzinski I was actually missing "Hong Kong Phooey." #
  • @OforOdile Just think if it as bloodplay… #
  • Less than 24 hours old; the new blog post: http://t.co/uDVW5NM6 #
  • @madisonyoung Easy. Throw out the piece of shit original completely, and write a BDSM story. #
  • @MissLarkinLove To paraphrase Sylvester Stallone in COBRA, "If strong and inspiring is the disease, I'm the cure." #
  • I love it that the GOP is pissed at Karl Rove for the first honest thing he's said in public in 20 years. #
  • @brooklynleexxx Us too, red. Us too. #
  • @madisonyoung Sorry. I know that wasn't helpful. I'm just SO SICK of this soccer-mom-kink-lite abomination. #
  • "50 Shades of Grey" is the worst UK export since Oasis. Unless you're an Indian, in which case the answer is still Pilgrims. #
  • Just looking at cars online. I realized I would actually buy a Ford if no better vehicle was available. Like a Yugo. Or a covered wagon. #
  • @Skin_Diamond More proof that you're not an American. #
  • @dajerx I'll have to try harder then. Failure IS an option! #
  • @LacieJames nice! #
  • My god, the bluray of Jaws is fucking gorgeous. #
  • @garethHallster @Skin_Diamond No question. Dr. Who. #

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