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I’m learning that it’s a dangerous thing to have a blog people actually read. You begin editing your comments based on who might stop by to see what you’ve said about them. It’s inevitable. Of course, then you run the risk of posting something so bland and vague no one will want to read it… which, granted, eliminates the problem.

LL is a perfect example; she’s living with me temporarily until she can get a place with her friend Amanda. It’s been about six weeks now, and there’s a lot I’d like to say about her, but she reads my blog (hi!). By writing about her, I run the risk of revealing something she considers private, saying something unintentionally hurtful, or, worst of all, posting something that reads as if I’m trying to manipulate her in a passive-aggressive fashion knowing she’ll read it.

Oy. Lemme just say it’s been interesting. We get along great, and despite the fact that we spend a fair amount of time discussing why we could never work as a couple, it kinda feels like dating. Well, dating with a lot less sex (we’ve fooled around three times since she moved in, which is about %7 or what I would expect from a relationship). Except for the times when it makes me feel infinitely more alone (because when I pierce the illusion and analyze what we’re really doing, I am), it’s been nice. It felt all warm and fuzzy to come home from Moscow knowing I wasn’t sleeping alone.

Speaking of, I know I still haven’t posted my Moscow pix, but I’ve been working almost non-stop since I got back. I’ve done re-shoots for the horror film I’m not yet allowed to name (I’m calling it REDACTED, not to be confused with the shitty Brian DePalma movie of the same name), done callbacks for Cowboys & Engines (that will be it’s own blog post to announce the Kickstarter campaign going up), I’ve plotted two scripts for Axel, shot for x3sixty and worked as the DP on Paul Thomas’ reboot of Behind the Green Door for Vivid.

The latter was enough to keep me occupied all on its own. PT likes to “deconstruct,” as he calls it, which amounts to not deciding anything until we’re on set, and then almost certainly doing anything other than what’s on the page. Having been down that road on his New Sensations movie, I was actually the calmest person on the production, but there were moments when Shylar and/or K (who was doing production design) wanted to kill him. I think if John Cassavetes had directed porn, this is very much what it would have been like.

A few days ago, against my better judgement, I went to see Vega. I would like to say it was motivated by something more than a need for butt sex and the desire to beat the crap out of someone… but I would be lying. If we had any chemistry outside the bedroom (or bathroom in this case), it would be a different story. But we don’t.

Today (if United ever stops cancelling our flights) I’m off to San Francisco to finish up Green Door. I even managed to set up a really interesting date for Saturday night with a hot redhead (can’t say I go for a type…).

I’ve got two more days of x3sixty when I get back, then it’s all C&E all the time. Which is how it should be.

  • Shit… that wasn't what I meant to do AT ALL… #
  • This is absolutely the best article I've read about why Measure B is as stupid as the folks who proposed it: #
  • I'm sorry, but in the final analysis, I would rather vote for a cartoon rabbit or a potted plant than EITHER of these thieving retards. #
  • Somebody tell LL that after careful revision, there are only seven things on the list… ;p #
  • @Lia_Lor Nice! I'm in! #
  • @YesonB I like how your "research" is based on a six-year-old sample of the general populace. FAIL. And, I'd like to know your source, FYI. #
  • @hugoschwyzer No, thank you. I've been doing this for 23 years, and it's very rare for someone to take the time to get it right. #
  • @springboksfan He claims he got it on a set, but no one can trace from whom, so that's a lie. We believe he got it escorting. #
  • There's a slim chance we might all finish this movie without killing each other…. #NBGD #
  • @jackystjames How does he know me so well? I've never even met Lionel Shriver. #
  • @Skin_Diamond no. Shit. #
  • I remember sleep. Not clearly, but with a vague, fond nostalgia. #
  • @NickiHunter So fucking jealous! #
  • My ass just began seriously dragging. One sex scene and done. #

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