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In about 16 hours, the world at large will get its first peek at Cowboys & Engines. The trailer is screening at the end of the 35th Anniversary Battlestar: Galactica Celebration, a panel hosted by Richard Hatch. The panel should be very well-attended (Comic-Con is putting it in one of the bigger meeting rooms), and several of us from C&E are going to sit in to see how the audience likes it.

They will. I’m pretty confident of that. Everyone I’ve shown the trailer to loves it, and I still get chills watching it. It’s 1:56 of awesome.

There’s only one problem. It isn’t finished yet.

We knew when we set out to do Cowboys & Engines that several of the visual FX sequences were, quite frankly, biting off more than we can chew. We knew that going in. We were also really under the gun to finish this trailer in time to screen it at Comic-Con. It didn’t help that both Ryan Carter and I had busy schedules, so neither of us was able to immediately devote the time we wanted to the trailer.

As it stands, I’m waiting on ONE FX shot. One we MUST have. It’s the Myrmidon firing at Cade & Guinivere, and the rotoscope of the CG parts over the real actor has been a week-long job crammed into 40 grueling hours for Ryan Carter.

So the clock is ticking. I have to get that shot from him, lay it in, render the trailer, burn DVDs and get one into Richard Hatch’s hands by 9 a.m. tomorrow morning. Right now, I’m cooling my heels waiting for that magic hard drive to arrive from San Bernadino.

It is completely out of my control. Which is not something I do well.


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