This is gonna be quick; life has been busy, and bloviating on the intarweb just hasn’t been a priority. I do, occasionally, like to vent about politics, and the current circus in Washington has me chuckling. Before I get to that, though, here are some bullet-points about the life as it stands:

  • I’ve been spending just about every damned day with The Unicorn, and it’s amazing. Seriously, we’re crazy about each other. If I wrote a blog explaining how this feels, you’d throw up on your keyboard reading it. And since she’s half my age, I’m now officially That Guy.
  • Our second Kickstarter for Cowboys & Engines was a huge success, so the final version will be bigger, better and shinier than we hoped, all in an attempt to lure Hollywood money.
  • I’ve been asked to write a script for The Worst Porn Parody Property EVER. Really. Just so wrong in so many ways. The Accused XXX would be WAY hotter.
  • I’m now at the top of the DP list for the project I mentioned in Hong Kong, but that project has been pushed until March or so of next year. Assuming it actually happens, could mean big things.
  • In the interim, I’ve been approached about coming on as the DP on a million-dollar horror film that wants to shoot before the end of the year. Digits crossed.
  • Saw Don Jon, and I can sum it up in one word: Meh.

So, let’s talk about these idiots in congress. If you’re smart enough to ignore the theater and ludicrous posturing going on in Washington right now, the fascist ahem, Tea Party-influenced wing of the Republican party is holding the government hostage in exchange for gutting parts of Obamacare. There’s a literal ton of virtual ink explaining both sides, and all the pointless permutations thereof.

Here’s the thing: It doesn’t matter.

I’m old enough to remember the last time the Republicans (led by old Lizard Gingrich) shut down the government when they didn’t like the president trying to, y’know, help non-rich, non-white people. The end result of that “catastrophic” government shutdown was… nothing. Absolutely everything went on as usual. It took a little longer than usual to file for copyright or get a passport, but since both processes are already shamefully slow, the difference was negligible.

What it showed, in stark relief, was how little the federal government actually accomplishes in a day. When they finally went back to work in January of ’96, the only difference was traffic congestion in DC. Seriously, it made no fucking difference.

I think that’s the real fear Washington has of shutting down. Garbage men strike because we need  them, and when we don’t have them, actual trash piles up on the street. Never abdicate your job when you don’t actually do anything. People might notice. And then not want you back.

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  • Jenn says:

    I only opened this just to screen for Unicorn updates. I’m so very happy that you’re finding happiness with someone. I’ll read the rest of the blog later, but I’m very happy for you :-)

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