Today is Star Wars day. Unless you have a serious lisp or a degenerative brain disease, I don’t want to hear about your “May the 4th” bullshit. On this date, in 1977, Star Wars opened nationwide.

This post is not about what Star Wars meant to me, or its place in film history. The first is impossible to put into words, and the second has already been exhaustively discussed and argued.

This is about something else, something wonderful. I’m referring to a careful fan who goes only by “Harmy” spending Bob-only-knows HOW long working from over a dozen sources to give us the only HD version of the original, unmolested Star Wars. And it’s glorious.

We all know George Lucas’ malicious defacement of his own creation was an absolute abomination, but the fact is, even without all the CG monsters, cute hopping robots, comically-bad Jabba the Hutts and other egregious bullshit, the Special Edition of Star Wars would still be a disaster. The color is all wrong; a pallette that seems comprised mostly of blues and greens. If you saw Star Wars in its original release, you remember it as a very warm-looking film. A film with grain and texture and life. Watching this version, I realized this is the first time Star Wars  has felt like Star Wars in decades.

George Lucas could never accept that Star Wars, like every film, is a product of its time. But we fans who had our lives redefined by it, understand this. Thanks to this incredibly painstaking restoration project, you can now see Star Wars as it was. Possibly for your very first time.

You might have to do some digging around to find the torrent, but I promise, it’s completely worthwhile.

Whatcha think?

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