I’ve decided I need to set up a camcorder in one corner of our house so that The Unicorn & I, either separately or together, can just wander in, turn it on, post a video rant, and then upload it. I’m too persnickety about what I write to be a modern blogger, but that means you guys miss out on some great stuff.

No, I’m not going to attempt to catch you up on all of it. So, the bullet points:

  • Cowboys & Engines is coming together nicely. Not going to promise a delivery date, but soon. I will promise to deliver a lot of awesome.
  • I already know what my next project is going to be. A full-length feature film. Somewhat science-fiction, but more straight drama. That’s all you get for now.
  • Delivered Wetwork to Vivid, and I’m extraordinarily proud of it. I think it’s every bit the equal of Corruption  and Upload.
  • The documentary I shot & directed for Showtime is consuming most of my waking hours. This next week is going to be a long, delirious one, but the final product will be excellent.
  • Might be going off to shoot a Food Network show for 10-12 weeks. Dunno yet. Details elude my best attempts to capture the little fuckers.
  • Just delivered the script for Batman vs. Superman XXX to Axel Braun, so look for him to announce that soonish.
  • Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks looks like it’s coming back for a second season, so I imagine I’ll be off shooting that as well.
  • The Unicorn & I celebrated our one year anniversary. Poor girl.
  • Thought Guardians was pretty great, but wish we hadn’t seen it in 3D.

That’s enough for now. I’ll try to rant & rave about something soon. Y’know, like I do.


2 Responses to It’s quiet… TOO quiet…

  • Caesius says:

    Ha! I was convinced every…single…time, with the phrase, “No, they *really did* get it right with this one…you *must* see *this* in 3D!” I finally stopped with Guardians of the Galaxy. Thankfully the guy that paid for my ticket (as well as his wife) felt the same as I (and with equal prejudice), otherwise, I’d have seen it in whatever format they wished.

    That said, I am quite satisfied that I gave 3D more than a fair chance.

  • Caesius says:

    Plap! I am trying to do three things and forgot to address anything other than the last thing I read. I truly am so happy for you and the busy. And of course, the other thing…the squishy thing.

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