• Shit… that wasn't what I meant to do AT ALL… #
  • This is absolutely the best article I've read about why Measure B is as stupid as the folks who proposed it: #
  • I'm sorry, but in the final analysis, I would rather vote for a cartoon rabbit or a potted plant than EITHER of these thieving retards. #
  • Somebody tell LL that after careful revision, there are only seven things on the list… ;p #
  • @Lia_Lor Nice! I'm in! #
  • @YesonB I like how your "research" is based on a six-year-old sample of the general populace. FAIL. And, I'd like to know your source, FYI. #
  • @hugoschwyzer No, thank you. I've been doing this for 23 years, and it's very rare for someone to take the time to get it right. #
  • @springboksfan He claims he got it on a set, but no one can trace from whom, so that's a lie. We believe he got it escorting. #
  • There's a slim chance we might all finish this movie without killing each other…. #NBGD #
  • @jackystjames How does he know me so well? I've never even met Lionel Shriver. #
  • @Skin_Diamond no. Shit. #
  • I remember sleep. Not clearly, but with a vague, fond nostalgia. #
  • @NickiHunter So fucking jealous! #
  • My ass just began seriously dragging. One sex scene and done. #

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